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7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying a Domain Name

Do you have intentions of starting your own online business? Are you ready to make a strong presence in the digital world? You must read the following content; the mistakes you should avoid while buying a domain name for your business. At the initial stage of starting an online business, the most important thing to consider is the “domain name.”

You need to be very methodical when buying a domain name for your online business. Your domain name will have a direct impact on the success of your business. A customer also sees the domain name first on a website before anything else. There are various mistakes that need to be avoided when buying a domain name for your business. Here are the Top 7:

  1. Avoid Copying a Trademark

You should avoid copying other’s trademark since it can cause a great problem for you. You can be sued and your business dreams will go in vain. You should choose a unique name and should make sure that the name you are choosing doesn’t copy any another trademark.

  1. Avoid Using Hyphens

You should avoid using hyphens in the domain name you buy. Though you will be suggested to buy your desired domain with hyphen if it is taken already, you shouldn’t be convinced to do so. You should avoid it because most of spammy domains use hyphens in their names. If you still use it, you will not get the desired search ranking on Google and other search engines. It is also difficult for a user to remember the place of the hyphen in a domain name. He will either put the hyphen in the wrong place or will forget to use it. If it happens, the user may go to another’s website and you will lose a valued user just because of a hyphen.

  1. Avoid Long Wordings

You should avoid using long words and should prefer as small as you can. Using abbreviation will also be a better option for you if your business name is long. New York Times has its small domain name with its abbreviation NYTimes.com. You should also adopt this thing because small domains are also easy to remember as compared to the long ones. A short domain is easy to type and your users will easily share the domain in their circles. Just because it is easy to remember, it will also increase direct traffic on your website. So, use a shorter domain name and receive users in bigger numbers.

  1. Avoid Using a Domain that is Difficult to Spell

You shouldn’t pick a domain name that is difficult to spell. The easier a domain name is, the more users it can generate towards it. An easy domain name is not only easy to spell but also easier to remember. Users will remember it will come directly to your website next time.

  1. Avoid choosing other Extension when .com is available

The domain extension is also the part of a domain. “. Com” is the most preferred and used domain extension around the world. Your preference should be to buy your domain with .com extension. In any case, if you are unable to find your desired name with .com extension, you can go to buy it with a different extension. But, don’t forget this thing that your first priority should be to have .com one.

  1. Avoid Using Numbers

It will also create confusion for your users if you add numbers in your domain name. It becomes difficult for people to remember it and the domains that contains numbers in them are also difficult to type. Since the domain name is one of the key elements of a business, you should opt a premium domain for your business so that you can attract more people towards your business by using its domain name.

  1. Avoid Sticking on One Name

The best plan is one that has its alternates. You should avoid sticking yourself with a single domain because it may happen that you won’t find your desired domain name with any extension. At that point, you will need to choose another name for your business. So, it will be better for you to find 2 or 3 names in advance so that everything can go in a smooth manner and nothing can hinder between you and your business goals.

Consequently, by following these potential tips, you can have a perfect domain name for your business and achieve your future business goals in a more efficient manner.