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Why Your Business Depends on Google Ranking

The success of every online business depends on its Google ranking. The ranking on search engines can greatly affect the sales and revenue of your business. You can cater your competition with your business rivals by getting higher ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. The trend of marketing got a 360 degree change during some last decades, and online marketing is leading all the other type of marketing tactics. People use Google more than local billboards to search different products. They make their purchasing decisions after searching different products or services by using the internet.

You can get a real boost in your business by getting top ranking on Google. The techniques which are extensively used all over the world to get ranked on search engines are together given a term called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You many have heard about SEO and its benefits in your business surroundings. You must have received hundreds of phone calls from different companies offering SEO services to you and saying “get your website to the top rank in Google”. All you need to do is to know all the aspects that why this thing is really important for you. Below are some potential details that why your business really needs to get ranked on top in Google and other search engines.

According to an authentic research, around 33% of all traffic is catered by the top Google result and the 18% goes to the second search result. Still have any doubt? Yes, you can earn maximum revenue by getting you to the top result of Google. This is the only way to make the most of your online business and the more you rank on top results, the more you can generate sales in your business. For example, if 2000 people search for a particular keyword and you make around $80 for every 100 visitors to your website, you will be making $528 if you come to the first page first rank of Google. This is the difference you can make by getting ranked in the top result of this powerful search engine.

There won’t be any such use of ranking on the second page of Google. Less than 5% traffic goes second and third page where you won’t generate any such sales in your business and an average Google user won’t even see your website. There are two things on which a business should pay its full attention. One is to rank on the top search result and the second is the provide quality services or products and user-friendly experience for the website users.

You can’t not pay your full attention to getting top ranking, but you also need to concentrate on your website. Its design, layout, products, services, content, delivery, and every other thing related to your website is really important for you. You will not be able to get your desired sales by getting you rank on top result if you offer low quality products or services. A customer won’t prefer you next time even if you come on the first rank if he or she is not satisfied with your products or services. Satisfying your users with your quality service should also be one of your priorities in your online business. Similarly, you won’t be able to get your desired results with your quality service or product if a user fails to discover you on in the top result of Google.

There are two ways to get your website ranked on top results. One is to pay dollars to Google Adwords and other promotional or advertising companies and the second is to perform free of cost SEO practices. Search engine optimization (SEO) can play an important role in bringing your website on the top searches. This includes different techniques to bring a website on top in search engine results and generate maximum sales and revenue. From registration of a premium domain to social media services, you need to consider every aspect of digital marketing to get the right things done for you. Also, it is not just about to come on top in Google, it’s about getting ranking on top buying keywords. If a keyword has no searches, there won’t be any use to get top ranking on it because you won’t get any traffic. Getting ranked on a keyword that has huge searches can be the right option for you.

Consequently, your business highly depends on Google ranking and you must endeavor to win the race with your competitors to get the first page first rank on Google.