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Why You Should Consider a Premium Domain for Your Business

Buying your desired premium domains online with ease is not a very feasible option anymore. Since the business sector is now extremely dependent on the online business, domain prices have significantly increased. The demand for premium domains has also increased and everyone prefers a premium domain for their website. Below are the Top 9 reasons why YOU need a PREMIUM DOMAIN for your BUSINESS:

Brand Identity:

You can launch and build a unique brand identity by having a premium domain for your business. With a one or two-word premium domain, you can build a strong business identity because people easily remember a brand name that has only one or two words in it (yes, it’s true). Also, short domain names are always more reliable than the long ones. For instance, domains.com would be considered more appealing and brandable than buygooddomains.com. Branding is essential for every small or large business, especially in its first five years.

Global Response:

A premium domain can help you attract buyers from across the world. For example, a domain name like “flowersonlineinusa.com” will only attract customers in the States while a shorter, simpler, premium domain like “onlineflowers.com” will attract people from all over the world. Simplicity and Keywords are vital.

Easy to Remember:

The shorter your domain name, the easier it is to remember. You can get a shorter name for your business by purchasing a premium domain for it. A domain name that is easy to remember can undeniably penetrate in the minds of people. You can go through lists of domain names and you’ll see one commonality in all of them; the ones deemed valuable are shorter in length. If the name you choose can be remembered with a single glance, you’ve chosen the right name for your brand.

Direct Traffic:

Now we know that, since premium domains are shorter in length, they’re easier to remember. This makes them more accessible because people just need to write one or two words in their browser and your website will pop up. In turn, you’ll get more direct traffic which will boost your brand and save you tons of money on paid marketing.

SEO Benefits:

Search engine optimization is a technique every website owner must know. It is used to increase sales by climbing the ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and on other search engines. It’s one of the cheapest yet most effective online marketing techniques. Your website traffic and revenue will increase when people see your domain name on the first page of Google. Having a short and relevant domain name can help you in terms of SEO. If you have a premium domain, your chances of quickly ranking for top keywords significantly increases even if you don’t have a top keyword in your domain name.

Social media sharing:

You can easily share your brand name and website link on all the social media platforms. You don’t need to use any URL shortening tools while sharing your website links and whoever sees the name will easily remember it. Social media is the most powerful media platform today and you simply can’t miss any branding opportunity on it. You can also make full use of # tags on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media to promote your brand effectively.

Physical Marketing:

A premium domain can also be effective in terms of physical marketing. Potential clients and customers will easily remember your brand name by seeing it on banners and other physical marketing platforms. A direct, to-the-point and catchy domain name is a gateway to your business for your audience. For example, it’s easier to remember goods.com as opposed to onlineeasygoodsforyou.com. Furthermore, a premium domain will give you a great return on your investment, even off of the web!

Return on Investment:

Although a premium domain will cost you more than an ordinary domain, you’re assured to get a great return on your investment. It is just a one-time investment when you buy the domain but it will always help you earn more than others. Also, the renewal fee for a premium domain is the same as an ordinary one. So, take advantage, invest one time and earn steadily by getting a memorable and catchy domain name for your website.

No Security fee or Maintenance:

Once you’ve bought a premium domain, you don’t need to pay for any additional fees like further security or maintenance. There is no maintenance, insurance, or tax involved. Your only cost after purchasing your domain is if you’d like to renew it a year or two later. Simply, there is no hassle of security or maintenance in the premium domain world.