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What Is Domain Flipping? How Can You Generate Money from It?

The internet has brought millions of jobs around the world, and a whole generation now rely on the internet. The internet has modernized the whole world by bringing revolutions in all the areas of work. Now people buy clothing and food while sitting at their home, buy their home appliances on just a click, and get any service they want using the internet. The internet has also brought lots of business opportunities and there are thousands of businesses in this world that are directly related to the internet. If internet stops, they will also need to stop their work.

Domain flipping is also one of the businesses people do on the internet. It is a money making technique that people use to generate money in a quick manner. It deals with buying a domain name and quickly selling it with a higher cost. In the house flipping, you need to repair the house before selling it at a higher rate. While in case of domains, you don’t need to repair anything and you can generate income from domain without any repairing or investment. You just need to buy a catchy or premium domain so that you can sell it as quickly as you can. There is nothing difficult or complicated thing you need to learn to enter in the list of domain flippers. You just need to follow the following steps and by following these, you can easily generate money for you.


Searching is the key that you need to adopt in any kind of work. Whether you go outside for shopping, intend to buy something online, or do anything else, there is one thing common in every kind of work and that is searching. You need to search catchy, attractive, useful, informative, trendy domains that can attract people towards them. You need to make full use of the internet and need to conduct a thorough research about what is trending or what people look for nowadays.

Drop Catching

Drop catching is also the term that is used in domain flipping. Drop catching deals with securing a domain after it gets expired. When a domain is expired, it enters a Redemption Grace Period (RGP) where the owner is given the last chance to reclaim his domain. The duration of RGP is from 30 to 90 days. After this duration, the domain is made public to be bought by anyone.

Through drop catching, you can bid on different attractive and premium domains and can buy them once they become public to be bought. One who will place the highest bid will be awarded with the domain. You can buy different quality domains through drop catching.

Register a New Domain Name

You can register a domain name and can re-sell it with higher prices. You can search different catchy domains and can register them. You can go through different online domain sellers and can see different domains there which you can find good flipping.

Find a Buyer

The most important step in domain flipping is to find a buyer for your domain. There are many ways to promote your domain and to find its buyer.  You can create a landing page and make a basic webpage where you can write “Available for Sale”. You can also share your contact details there so that people can contact you for buying the domain. You can also disable WHOIS privacy so that people can easily contact you to buy the domain. You can also contact different domain sellers to highlight your domain for selling. Social media is also the best platform to sell anything. You can post about the domain on Facebook and can tell people that you are selling this domain. The more people reach to your post, the more there are chances that your domain will be bought.

Consequently, you can generate money by doing domain flapping and can make it your permanent business. You don’t need to do any hard work to run this business and all you need to do is to find a domain and find its buyer. For this, you can make full use of the internet where you can find various platforms where domains are bought and sold. It is one of the best online businesses for which you don’t need to buy a whole office or to hire a staff. You just need a chair, a laptop, and an internet connection and you can start your own online business.