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Step by Step Guide to Build an e-Commerce Website

Since online businesses have been growing quite fast, one can’t neglect the vital opportunity to start an online business and earn a great income. Anyhow, it’s certainly not a piece of cake to build an e-commerce website and you need to have adequate knowledge of all the e-commerce related aspects to achieve exactly what you want.

If you are starting an online business, but don’t have sufficient knowledge about it, read the following tips to build a successful e-Commerce store:

What to Sell?

You must have a product in mind to sell if you are thinking to build an e-Commerce website. You may already have a store with hundreds of products which you would like to sell online. You may have also found something at wholesale prices which you can sell online to make money. There can be many other reasons as well to build an e-Commerce website. The main thing is that the product you are selling should be unique and useful for consumers so that more people can approach you to buy it.

Choose a Brand/Domain Name

Ok, now you have decided about what to sell. The next thing is to choose a catchy and unique brand name for your online business. You may need some time to figure out the name of your brand. You need to brainstorm different words and phrases that can match with the product/s you will be selling. Also, don’t choose any brand or domain name that has already been taken by another business.

Buy Domain and Hosting

To build an e-commerce store, you’ll need to buy an attractive domain name and hosting for it. You can find many domains and host providers online. You can buy hosting from any one of them and can buy the domain from generationdomain.com since we sell the best premium domains at the most affordable rates.

Choose a Perfect Theme

You need to choose a perfect e-Commerce theme for your online store. The theme you choose should be made for an e-Commerce website and should be user-friendly by all means. You can show your featured products, deals, and important items on its homepage and can make an easy-to-use menu for all the categories you are dealing with. You can introduce visitors to you, your team, and your website on its “About Us” page. Contact details should also be visible so that customers can contact you for any and all inquiries .

Set pricing

Setting the price of products is also one of the hardest parts of building an e-commerce website. You need to conduct a thorough research of the target market to know the price range for your types of products and the quality of your competitor’s products.  After analyzing the complete market, you will have a conclusion that what price you should set for your product. Remember, you can’t set a low price since it will make you bear the loss and similarly you can’t set a high price since buyers won’t be interested. The price you set should be suitable for not only you but for the consumers as well.

Shipping Costs and other Options

If you are selling a physical product, it will require shipping to reach to the buyer. Just as all other online stores, you can also charge shipping costs from the buyer. You need to set up a shipping cost on your website so that the buyer is aware before buying any product. The shipping cost you set shouldn’t be very high since this alone can lose you potential clients. According to many research, around 40 to 50% of consumers decide to not purchase a product because of its high shipping cost.

Get SSL/PayPal SSL Certificate

Ok, now you have your website in front you. You also need to get an SSL certificate for it. You must have seen many websites with green locks in their URL. These are the websites which have an SSL certificate installed on their websites. This is extremely important and you need to do this to have a secure online store.

Start Making Money

Ok, now, you’ve followed all the above steps. Now, you can start making money by selling products online. You can attract more people through social media and paid marketing services. The more quality products you sell, the more income you’ll generate along with trust from your consumers. By providing quality products at reasonable rates you can make your brand stand out amongst the many online stores we have on the web today. Make it happen!