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Top 7 Tips to Make Money from Blogging

Do you have intentions of starting your own blog? Do you want to earn money from blogging? If so, you must read the following tips to make money from it!

  • Buy Domain and Hosting

Once you have decided to start your own blog, you need to purchase a Domain Name and Hosting to continue your work. You need to choose a smart and attractive domain name for the blog. This will help attract more eyeballs which in turn will result in more earnings. You can also buy the domain from generationdomain.com where we offer premium domains at affordable rates. By getting a premium domain for your blog, you will be able to engage more readers.

  • Publish Quality Content

Once you have set your blog up, it’s now time to focus on the content you publish. You need to create useful, compelling and quality content to attract more readers. You can select a useful topic by searching trending topics in your industry and pick one which you are most knowledgeable, interested in and suits you best. This can be a tough task at first but it’s important that you care about your topic because that will translate in the quality of content.

The content you publish should impress readers and offer something useful to their lives. Once readers start to have trust in your content and the information you post, they will become regular visitors. Their regular visits will result in your regular earnings from the blog.

  • Run Advertisement on the Blog

Once the blog starts getting enough traffic, you can apply for Google and other AdSense companies for advertisements. Once approved, your blog will start earning money per click for the advertisements. However, there are strict restrictions by AdSense providers so you can’t afford to do any wrongful activity with the ads on the blog. Also, don’t try to increase clicks on the ads on your own – you will be caught and they’ll block your account in no time.

  • Promote Your Blog

Once you have AdSense approved on your blog, it’s time to start promoting it.  You can promote it in your circle and in all the platforms relevant to the blog’s niche. This promotion will result in more readers and you will eventually earn more from it. You can also ask your friends to promote the blog in their respective circles. Through this, more people will come to know about the blog and many of them will convert into regular readers.

  • Make Full Use of Social Media

Social media is the platform that no business can ignore and no website owner can run their website without a strong social media presence. You MUST make full use of all the social media platforms for your blog. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, and all other social media platforms can bring huge traffic to your blog. There are thousands of blogs on the web today which became successful because of their powerful social media presence. For instance, on Facebook, you can make an official page of your blog and share everything being published. You can also join different relevant groups where you can share all the publications as well. Additionally, make full use of # tags to get more readers to the posts. All social media platforms need to be used to ensure your blog’s success.

  • Promote Others’ Services or Products

Once your blog has its name in its relevant platforms, various companies will contact you to place their ads on the blog. The offer they will make is dependent on the amount of visitors you get on the blog. Huge traffic will bring handsome offers for you from the companies. This will create a huge opportunity for you to increase earnings from your blog.

  • Sell Your Own Services or Products

Ok, now that you’ve started your own blog – What about starting your own business? Yes, you can start you own business from the blog. For example, if you have a blog about English Language Learning, you can publish and sell an E-book about it. You can even sell somebody else’s E-book from affiliates like ClickBank.com. Perhaps you can even offer online language teaching programs. Remember, the world of the internet in bigger than this world and there are thousands of opportunities to earn a nice income. You just need to find the right opportunity for you.

Follow these useful tips and come up with a successful and useful blog; for you and your readers!